Culture. It's what connects you.

Culture wins! Attract and retain the best people by creating a thriving employee community rooted in connection, recognition and engagement.

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Hundreds of businesses, and teams that power them, trust Hubbux Teams

The Team Experience Platform

Thriving cultures achieve goals

Work habits for the win! Play, meet, post, earn, shop rewards and track progress towards goals while aligning patient, team and practice experiences.

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Never miss a special moment again

Create a culture of recognition. Automate celebrations for work anniversaries, birthdays and milestones. Ensure belonging and connection by recognizing both personal and team achievements.

A phone showing the Hubbux app and way to earn points with gift card images

Morning huddles made simple

Places is our team meetings feature. It takes the stress out of planning morning huddles with easy-to-populate agendas and a marketplace of team building games and spotlight awards.

A phone showing the Hubbux app and way to earn points with gift card images

Employees, engaged and connected. With each other.

Collect feedback through surveys and contests to get a pulse on team engagement and overall satisfaction. Your team will feel valued as their insights directly contribute to your workplace culture.

A phone showing the Hubbux app and way to earn points with gift card images

What people are saying about Hubbux Teams:

“We had some turnover that was happening… we started doing exit interviews where they started telling us there was not enough engagement among the employees… because we are so large, we needed something that could be automated. That’s where Hubbux came in and filled that space for us.”

Pediatric Dental Associates and Orthodontics

“We always use this platform to reward the behaviors that we want to continue to see. So it’s been just phenomenal for our practice.”

SYNERGY HomeCare of San Antonio

“Hubbux has transformed our team's motivation! The excitement to earn points has created a vibrant atmosphere of productivity and camaraderie. As a manager, seeing my team eagerly chase rewards has been incredibly rewarding. It's the perfect tool to fuel enthusiasm and drive results!”

Holliday Orthodontics

4x higher revenue growth is achieved by companies with a thriving culture

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Hubbux Teams…rewarding success, delivering results.

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Many problems? Many solutions.

Team rewards & recognition

Treatment compliance

Prize fulfillment & inventory tracking

Private communication channel

Marketplace of contests & surveys

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Automate for birthdays & celebrations

Referral & ambassador programs

Reputation management

Social media content & scheduler

Team meeting builder

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